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Step 3: Create Your Personal Wellness Action Plan

Next, you are guided to create a Personal Wellness Action Plan consisting of 3-5 simple action steps drawn from your responses to the assessment. The action steps are created using on a philosophy of small steps for continuous improvement that lead to sustainable lifestyle change.

You will be presented with a list of the wellness statements that you responded with "Strongly desire a higher score." These are the areas of your life you are the most highly motivated to change and hold the greatest potential for personal growth. If this list is small, it will be supplemented by a list of statements you answered with "Moderately desire higher score." The statements are arranged according to the 12 dimensions of wellness for easier comprehension and each statement is linked to its corresponding wellness commentary.

Select a few key statements you want to focus on as "jumping off points," and begin the process of creating your wellness action steps.

Creating Your Action Steps
The most helpful action steps are simple, specific, doable actions that you can perform with a high likelihood of success. Small, incremental steps will allow you to create a track record of positive success and build your confidence in creating lifestyle change. We recommend that you create between 3-5 action steps. We have discovered that it is difficult to effectively focus on more than a few steps at a time.

There is a short online tutorial, "Tips for Creating Effective Action Steps" that can be very helpful in this process.

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